dcs/esd system project of pba natural gas purification plant
column:oversea time:2019-12-06

project name: dcs/esd system project of pba natural gas purification plant 

project owner: china national offshore oil corporation indonesia branch 

service content: equipment supply, engineering subcontract, software development and technical training


project overview:

cnooc indonesia gas processing plant project is to transmit the natural gas located in zelda and banuwati oil fields in the north of djakarta to the gas processing plant in pabelokan island, transmit the processed natural gas to the gas metering station (gms) in java island and then transmit the gas to the power plant of banten bay through long pipelines.the gas metering station (gms) control system and gas processing plant (pba) control system projects were built in 2005, including the process control system (dcs), emergency interlocking system (esd) and fire and combustible gas detection system (fgs), which achieve the comprehensive monitoring of the natural gas purification, metering, transmission and distribution processes.