about us

about us

beijing satellite s&t co., ltd.

as a new high-tech enterprise in beijing and with registered capital of rmb  50 million, beijing satellite science & technology co. (hereinafter named  "bjs") was established in october 1994.


engages in integrating communication, automation & information  technology, water&waste water treatment, waste gas treatment and other  systems in the field of industrial safe production and pollution control, bjs  provides the users with high-value-added product design, equipment production,  system integration, engineering contracting, consultation and other services.  through years of operation, bjs has successfully implemented hundreds of sets of  oilfield ground engineering automatic control systems, communication systems,  security systems, petrochemical production control systems and supporting water  treatment systems at home and abroad in all aspects of development, production,  storage, transportation and sales in the oil gas, petrochemical and chemical  fields. bjs’s innovative solutions and outstanding project execution record have  built a strong reputation and credibility with its clients.


with the vision of "providing advanced products, completed system solutions  and professional services for the industrial safe production and environmental  treatment field", facing the urgent needs for environmental management, energy  conservation and emission reduction in the industrial field, bjs will always dig  into the safety control technology and three-wastes treatment technology as well  as its application, actively cooperate with overseas manufactuers who have  proprietary technology , completely bond the advantages with the capital  operation , system design and overall services, so as to provide efficient and  practical technical means and solutions for energy conservation and emission  reduction.




signed south sudan dcs and esd system supply contract

signed contract for plc and telephone system supply in south sudan

signed iraq missan instrument system supply contract

signed niger's self-controlled communication operation and maintenance material supply contract

signed uzbekistan flowmeter supply contract

signed iraq rtu supply contract

signed scada system supply contract for wuhan city natural gas high-pressure outer ring

signed kazakhstan communications and instrumentation equipment supply contract

signed beijing power petroleum south sudan rtu and fote system supply contract

signed iraq rtu and fire alarm system supply contract

signed rtu supply contract for iraq gas lift pilot test station

signed the supply contract of the hydrocarbon water dew point analyzer for yulin no.

signed kazakhstan pk refinery 3000 and 6000 unit communication system supply contract

signed a contract for turkey's rtu field service project

signed shale gas supply contract for well 202 well station

signed xinjiang refining & chemical tower supply contract

signed the supply contract of cnpc guangxi petrochemical hd monitoring system

signed ghana warehouse video surveillance and communications project supply contract

signed a supply contract for puguang gas field comprehensive water treatment project

signed paga supply contract for aromatics production unit in atyrau refinery, kazakhstan

signed a contract for the supply of an on-line hydrogen sulfide analyzer in turkmenistan


comprehensively expanded the overseas market and signed contracts for the electrical control cabinet of the second natural gas processing plant in turkmenistan, the control cabinet system of kenya geothermal project and other projects

signed the overall contract for iraq halfaya oilfield communication system and control system project, as well as the niger agadem oilfield construction engineering-automatic control communication project.

signed the contract for the phase ii and phase iii amplifying intercom system project of the third oil gas processing plant in kazakhstan.

signed the overall contract with sei cctv project of jingbian energy and chemical comprehensive utilization industrial park of shaanxi yanchang petroleum (group) co., ltd.

signed the contract for the analyzer house and analysis instrument project of uzbekistan

signed the contract for the wkcl 1ultrasonic flowmeter measuring system project of uzbekistan

signed the contract for the skid-mounted equipment project of the second natural gas processing plant in turkmenistan in bagtiyarlyk contract area

signed the contract for the digital trunking system project for the 100*108m3/a commercial fuel gas production capacity construction engineering of iolotan gas field in turkmenistan

signed the contract for the expansion project of the industrial ethernet system and 800m digital trunking system of sinopec dawan gas field

signed the contract for the multi-service optical transmission equipment project of turkmen metajan gas field

signed the contract for the communication system engineering project of chad ronier oilfield

signed the contract for the gas pipeline communication system project of sudongzhun ( from changqing to erdos)

signed the contract for the optical transmission and the office network system project of the yuanba gas field of sinopec

signed the contract for the whole-region fuel station monitoring system engineering project of the tibet sales branch of the petrochina company limited

increased the registered capital to rmb 50 million

passed the certification of iso14001 environmental management system

passed the certification of ohsas18001 occupational health and safety management system

authorized as the strategic partner of honeywell security group in the petroleum and petrochemical industry


signed the offshore gas field contract in the north of cnooc indonesian jakarta, which shows that bjs has the ability to contract the large overseas measurement and control system of the gas purification plant

signed the outsourced maintenance contract of the gas transmission scada system of the petrochina southwest oil & gasfield branch co., and fully implemented standardized and normalized services for the customer

completed the inner north ring and south trunk gas transmission pipeline project scada and communication system for the gas transmission office of the cnpc southwest branch co.,

signed the contract for the sinopec songnan gas field natural gas capacity ground construction project communication, soft switch, control system and scada system

signed the contract for the industrial ethernet system and 800m digital trunking system of the development gathering and transportation project of the puguang gas field

signed the communication system contract of the cnpc turkmenistan amu darya purification plant project

signed the contract of the sinopec songnan gas field bawu changchun gas pipeline scada system

obtained the grade 1 qualification certificate of the security engineering enterprise promulgated by china security and protection industry association


signed the contract of jinan tap water monitoring and dispatching system as the first water supply and dispatching system constructed by urban water supply industry according to the application guide of urban water supply computer aided dispatching system of the ministry of construction, and obtained the second price of scientific and technological progress in shandong province

signed the fertilizer plant dcs monitoring system contract of sinochem shandong fertilizers co., ltd., and entered into the chemical industry

signed the remote monitoring system contract of wuhan natural gas transmission and distribution network

signed several cnpc overseas projects, which shows that bjs had the strength and capability to implemente large international projects

jointly researched and developed moscad-m as the rtu with motorola for the chinese market

authorized as the north asia moscad system three-level maintenance center by motorola

obtained the” import and export enterprise qualification certificate of the people's republic of china”

paticipated into the special research group of the technical progress development planning in 2010 and company vision in 2020 in urban water supply industry

obtained the level z3 certificate of zhongguancun credit enterprise

obtained the computer information system integration qualification certificate (level 3)

passed the certification of "iso9001 qualityl certification system"

increased the registered capital to rmb 20 million


took an overall contract for the national crucial projects of the 8th five-year plan “chengbei 35 well group measurement and control system project of shengli oilfield ocean development co., ltd.”, which was the first moscad system integration project undertaken by the domestic company and was the first time to use moscard system in the domestic oil and gas field industry

provided first technical services for the urban water supply user hangzhou water supply corporation

took an overall contact for the phase i reconstruction project of scada system of guangzhou water supply co., and obtained guangzhou scientific and technological progress award

signed the channel monitoring system contract of diversion works in wudu, mianyang, sichuan province, and entered into the domestic water resources industry

signed the scada system contract which is the world bank loan project for the largest domestic mono-block gas field “sichuan datianchi gas field “, and obtained the gold design award promulgated by the ministry of construction

signed the yan'an fuel gas dispatching system contract, and entered into the domestic urban gas industry

authorized as the general agent for the moscad system in china by motorola

established in beijing and obtained the new high-tech enterprise approval certificate

company culture

company culture


provide advanced products, completed system solutions and professional  services for the industrial safet production and environmental treatment  field.


cooperate with the government and enterprises,

adopt advanced technology, scientific methods and continuously pioneering and  innovating

protect our environment and create safe, clean and harmonious life



satellite s&t has various professional qualifications, can develop a variety of software and hardware products, and undertake various projects.

● new high-tech enterprise approval certificate

● import and export enterprise qualification certificate of the people's republic of china

● grade 1 qualification certificate of the security engineering enterprise

● computer information system integration qualification certificate (level 3)

● computer software 尊龙网址登录官网 copyright registration certificate

● software enterprise recognition certificate

● software product registration certificate

● iso9001 quality management system certification

● iso14001 environmental management system certification

● ohsas18001 occupational health and safety management system certification