gas station monitoring system in whole region of cnpc tibet
column:mainland time:2019-12-06

project name: gas station monitoring system in whole region of cnpc tibet

project owner: petrochina company limited tibet sales branch

service content: system design, equipment supply and construction supervision


project overview:

cnpc tibet sales branch is headquartered in lhasa city, tibet autonomous region and governs 8 companies in lhasa, shigatse, lhoka,  qamdo, nagchu, ali, nyingchi and golmud, two professional distribution companies of liquefied gas distribution company and lubricating pil distribution company, one chengdu mining office and one oil depot directly under the research institute 725. it has 12 refined oil product repositories, 1 liquefied gas repository and 112 gas stations with the total capacity of 210,000m3; the sales networks spread all over the area and expand outside the area, from yecheng xinjiang in the west to meishan sichan in the east and from yadong tibet in the south to golmud qinghai in the north. the oil supply lines stretch over tibet, qinghai, sichuan and xinjiang, with the territorial area of more than 2,000,000km2.with the comprehensive development if qinghai-tibet railway engineering construction and the construction of highways connecting the cities, the gas stations in tibet, as the infrastructure of transportation and transport capacity guarantee, shall be subject to safety monitoring and scientific management to meet the needs of develop-the-west strategy development. the installation and debugging project of video surveillance systems of tibet gas stations, involving about 90 gas stations in lhasa, nagchu, qamdo, nyingchi, ali and other districts and counties in tibet, was built in 2009 and the phase ii project will be expanded to the acquisition of video surveillance systems of private gas stations.