shandong rizhao landbridge group asphalt project
column:mainland time:2019-12-06

project name: shandong rizhao landbridge group asphalt project—industrial television monitoring and dispatching telephone system

project owner: rizhao landbridge port petrochemical co., ltd. 

service content: equipment supply and construction supervision


project overview:

landbridge group is an integrated enterprise group owning a number of industrial entities. its landbridge asphalt project, as a key construction project in shandong, is divided into plant area and port area. the plant area, with the floor area of about 150mu and overall planning of 10,000,000t/year, is located in rizhao industrial park. the crude oil processing capacity is completed in three phases, i.e. 2,000,000t in phase i, 5,000,000t in phase ii and 10,000,000t in phase, belonging to combustible and high-risk chemical production, mainly deeply processes the asphalt, refined oil products, liquefied gas, coke and other products by use of heavy stock oil and 180# fuel oil . the industrial television monitoring and dispatching telephones are used to build the security and production dispatching system in the whole plant area, so as to achieve the real-time monitoring and daily production dispatching of the production status.