erdos newshine natural gas - sudongzhun (changqing - erdos) gas pipeline communication system
column:mainland time:2019-12-06

project name: erdos newshine natural gas - sudongzhun (changqing - erdos) gas pipeline communication system 

project owner: erdos newshine natural gas development co., ltd. 

service content: system design, equipment purchase, equipment installation and civil engineering supervision


project overview:

sudongzhun (changqing - erdos) gas pipeline project is transmitted from the origin station of gas transmission near third processing plant in sulige to lng processing plant in haggin banner via sishililiang pigging station. meanwhile, the trunk line is divided into two ways in erzihao transmission pigging station, one way to dalad banner terminal station and the other way to dalu terminal station. nine rtu valve chambers are established along the way. a gas distributing station and a dispatching center are built near dongsheng. the total length of the gas pipeline is 380km.the optical transmission and industrial ethernet switch equipment is used in this project and laid with gyta53-12bi optical cables with the pipelines in one ditch to form the internal private telecommunication network in the gas pipeline project. the industrial television monitoring system, amplifying alarm system, gprs standby communication system, perimeter protection system and voice soft switch system are provided in the station yards and valve chambers to constitute a complete pipeline communication system. the voice, data and image of each station are transmitted to the dispatching center through the optical fiber communication network.