shengli oilfield offshore production platform telemetry and remote control system
column:mainland time:2019-12-06

project name: shengli oilfield offshore production platform telemetry and remote control system 

project owner: sinopec shengli oilfield ocean development co., ltd. 

service content: system design, equipment purchase, equipment installation, software development and technical training

project overview:

as a backbone enterprise of sinopec, shengli petroleum administration achieves unattended operation and reduces the funds and accident probability on chengdao shallow sea production platform to adapt to offshore production needs.the project includes a land central station, 2 offshore central platform stations and 15 satellite platform stations. the system, consisting of scada system, completes the data processing and storage, real-time graphic and data display, sound-light failure alarm, report printing, remote control equipment start/stop and other functions; the satellite platform rtu collects various types of data, controls the motor start/stop, reports the production abnormity status and achieves the data exchange between the central platform and satellite platform through ultrashort wave radio communication mode. scada system remote monitoring and control, long-distance failure diagnosis and other functions effectively reduce the times of access to site, so as to significantly improve the system data communication reliability. the equipment meets three-proof (moisture-proof, salt spray-proof and mould-proof) requirements and is of high reliability in rugged maritime environment.