puguang gas field digital trunking emergency dispatching system
column:mainland time:2019-12-06

project name: puguang gas field digital trunking emergency dispatching system

project owner: sinopec zhongyuan oilfield puguang branch

service content: system design, supply of material and technical services


project overview:

puguang gas field is a gas field with high sulfur and the emergency command and dispatching system is an important infrastructure and the organization and implementation means to protect safety production. puguang gas field refers to the experience in the construction and application of large domestic and foreign networks for the production emergency communication and uses eads to provide a complete set of 800mhztetra digital trunking solutions for puguang gas field digital trunking system,  which mainly bears the daily production, gas transmission line inspection and urgent repair, wireless production command and dispatch, urgent evacuation and broadcast and other functions of the whole pugang gas field, especially the emergent wireless command and dispatch, urgent evacuation and broadcast functions, the wireless standby channel of the gas field communication system and other functions in terms of major dangerous accidents. in this project, 800mhz tetra digital trunking communication system is used for gas field production dispatching for the first time in the country.


the wireless base station of the digital trunking system covers the production management center, fire and gas control station, 1.2 billion capacity scope (gas field epz safety pre-warning scope containing 17 plant stations, purification plant and 2km outside the gathering and transportation pipelines) and nearby production operation area.the digital trunking system manages 640 hand-held terminals, 40 vehicular-locating sets and 358 fixed stations and is equipped with 9 sets of wireless stations covering puguang gas field, including one 4-carrier-frequency bases and eight 2-carrier-frequency bases distributed within the surface gathering and transportation scope of the whole gas field.