puguang gas field industrial ethernet project
column:mainland time:2019-12-06

project name: puguang gas field industrial ethernet project

project owner: sinopec zhongyuan oilfield puguang branch 

service content: system design, supply of material and technical services


project overview:

located in xuanhan county, dazhou city, puguang gas field, with the exploration and mining area of 1118km2 and the resource quantity of 891,600,000,000m3, is the super-huge marine mono-block gas field with largest scale and highest yield in china and is listed as the key construction project in the national "11th five-year plan". the gas field is deployed with 79 development wells and 16 well sites with annual output of 15,000,000,000m3 and stable yield of more than 20 years. as the largest asian natural gas purification plant and sulfur production base, puguang purification plant has the processing capacity of 15,000,000,000m3/year and the processing capacity of 3,000,000m3/day for each series after comprehensive completion. the 16 series of natural gas production devices and auxiliary projects have the annual output of 12,000,000,000m3 purified gas and 3,000,000t sulfur.


puguang gas field industrial ethernet project is mainly to guarantee the network connection between the central control room of the purification plant and 74 optical communication stations (central control room, 26 gas gathering stations, sewage station and 47 valve chambers) and to provide safe and reliable active and standby data transmission channels for scada production dispatching system of the central control room of the purification plant, gas gathering fields along the line and the line block valve chamber. 1000m industrial ethernet equipment is used for scada system data transmission. redundant fiber optic ring and wimax wireless link are used in this project as the active and standby communication channels, creating a pioneer in the international industrial application field in terms of system structure design and station yard scale. the core equipment of the ethernet is the industrial switch, industrial router and network security equipment. the switches in this project are of siemens products.