cnpc kazakhstan zhanazhol oilfield wet gas reinjection project
column:oversea time:2019-12-06

project name: cnpc kazakhstan zhanazhol oilfield wet gas reinjection project

project owner: cnpc chuanqing drilling engineering company limited 

service content: system design and equipment supply


project overview:

zhanazhol oilfield is an old oil and gas field mined for nearly 30 years attached to kazakhstan aktobe oil gas co., ltd. with the natural gas processing capacity of 430×104m3/day (0℃,101.325kpa(a)) wet purified natural gas and annual production time of 8400h, the project, including molecular sieve dehydration measuring skid-mounted device and related auxiliary engineering,  adopts molecular sieve adsorption dewatering process and is characterized by simple technological process, less equipment, small quantities and low investment. the system, adopting the system architecture of redundant controller with extended io and controllogix1756 series products of rockwell and installed in the non-explosion-proof area in the molecular sieve dehydration plant area, is responsible for monitoring, operating and controlling the dehydration plant and conducting data communication with dcs. in the commissioning of the whole system at the end of december 2010, premier wen jiabao inspected the commissioning of the whole oilfield on site and the project owner thought highly of the overall construction, operation and maintenance services.