uzbekistan asia trans gas pipeline project pa system
column:oversea time:2019-12-06

project name: trans-asia uzbekistan gas pipeline project pa system 

project owner: cnpc trans-asia uzbekistan gas pipeline company limited 

service content: system design, equipment supply, site installation and technical training


project overview:

trans-asia chinese natural gas pipeline project, with the whole length of 1814.5km, design pressure of 9.81mpa, pipe diameter of 1067mm and steel grade of x70 and double-pipe parallel laying, is one of four channels of china's energy strategy development and two-line west-east natural gas transmission pipeline to transmit turkmenistan natural gas to chinese territory by way of uzbekistan and kazakhstan .as a public broadcast system with high integration, pa system is mainly to provide comprehensive public broadcast services for the pipeline process station yard. paga system has high requirements for personal safety and can fully operate and timely notify the site personnel to evacuate in case of emergency. the system consists of the console, functional component, loudspeaker and other components. each loudspeaker of the system is made of fireproof material and can work independently. the system is provided with output safety protection and the protection modes include dc output, overload, high temperature and short-circuit protection.