iraq halfaya paga fote and rtu system
column:oversea time:2019-12-06

project name: iraq halfaya paga fote and rtu system 

owner name: china petroleum engineering & construction corporation cnpc international iraq branch 

service content: system design, equipment purchase, equipment installation, equipment debugging, software development, technical training and system maintenance


project overview:

as an "ultra mega" oilfield located in missan in the southeast of iraq and discovered in 1976, halfaya oilfield is about 31km long and about 10km wide. with the oil-bearing area of 239km2, recoverable reserve of about 4.1 billion barrels, daily output of 3100 barrels and comprehensive recovery percent of reserves of 0.05%, the oilfield is basically underdeveloped. the joint operation body led by petrochina increases its daily output to 535,000 barrels according to the contract requirements.


paga system is mainly to provide comprehensive public broadcast services for the pipeline process station yard. as a public broadcast system with high integration,  paga system has high requirements for personal safety and can fully operate and timely notify the site personnel to evacuate in case of emergency. the system consists of the console, functional component, loudspeaker and other components. each loudspeaker of the system is made of fireproof material and can work independently. the system is provided with output safety protection and the protection modes include dc output, overload, high temperature and short-circuit protection.


fote system mainly achieves exchange of various data and video signals between each process station and the central station through optical signal transmission.


rtu system, with ace3680 series rtu of motorola, achieves the data acquisition monitoring of each oil gas station and uploads the data to the central dcs system.